Baby’s first comments section

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.49.07 PMToday an essay I wrote about disciplining kids was published on Jezebel. Check it out here:

In my years so far of writing on the internet I’ve never been subject to a comments section like Gawker Media’s. Hundreds of comments within like, minutes. That’s the shit right there, if you’re in internet publishing. Chapeau, Gawker, you figured out engagement. Anyway, there are lots of interesting comments if you’re curious about peoples’ differing approaches to disciplining their kids. There are mercifully few comments calling me an asshole. Also, the dude who does their graphics is so good, right? I love his stuff.

Cheers everyone, chin-chin, TGIF, put your kids to bed and have a drink!

Born At The Right Time


I listen to Paul Simon at least every other day lately, which is probably too often. My kids really like him. This forces me to think about him more than might be strictly speaking necessary. I’m easily irritated by him, and I’ve started wondering why. In doing so I’ve felt myself being pulled into the old script of Millennials versus Baby Boomers – a script that I usually try to ignore, but lately Paul Simon won’t let me.  Continue reading

Picnic In The Boneyard


My dad Marty Jezer on the cover of the magazine for the Workshop In Nonviolence (WIN), 1969.

Nine years ago today my dad died. He is buried in a Jewish cemetery in Brattleboro Vermont, and for a handful of the years since he died, I have marked his passing by bringing bagels, coffee, and the Sunday New York Times to the graveyard and enjoying a leisurely newspaper brunch by his headstone. Continue reading

A Thorough Analysis Of Getting The Kids Out The Damn Door


I’ve heard that people who are in polyamorous relationships use the word “processing” to describe the act of working out the inevitable (at least I think it would be inevitable — different topic for a different time though!) emotional drama that comes with doin’ polyamory. I may not be polyamorous, but I am Canadian. Continue reading